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25 March 2007 @ 12:47 pm
das leben den anderen  

The Central keeps an eye on everything
about everybody's life.

On average, a man buys 2.3 pairs of shoes each year,reads 3.2 books.
And in each year there are 6,743 students
graduating with straight As.

But there is one statistics that
goes unpublished, which might have been calculated
into the natural deaths.

If you call the National Security
Agency and ask them,
How many people kill themselves
for being suspected as related to
the Western Germany,
they won't tell you a word,
and they'll write down your name

This is all for the country's safety.

All those dead people, are for the
country's safety and well being.

German Democratic Republic
has stopped counting the number
of suicides since 1977.

Suicides as we know,
they were already for the best.

Because they couldn't stand their lives
like that, without bleeding,
without passion.
Death was all they could choose.

Death was their only hope.

Since 9 years ago when we stopped to count
suicides, only one country in Europe has
higher death counts than Eastern Germany:

And then we all head for
the same destination: socialism.

Among all these people the most
distinguished was Jerska,
a great director.

What I'm writing today is the
story about him.
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