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13 June 2007 @ 07:25 pm
sexiest women according to afterellen.com  

here is the full list of the sexiest women according by lesbians, women do have better taste than men right? because lindsay lohan is no sexy for me!

one of my faves:

see the list after the jump! 1. Leisha Hailey (Alice in 'The L World')
2. Angelina Jolie
3. Kate Winslet
4. Lena Headey ('300')
5. Sarah Sashi (Carmen in 'The L World')
6. Jennifer Beals (Bette in 'The L World')
7. Tina Fey
8. Jordana Brewster
9. Salma Hayek 
10. Natalie Portman
11. Eliza Dushku
12. Scarlett Johansson
13. Piper Perabo
14. Kate Walsh (Addison in 'Grey's Anatomy')
15. Keira Knightley 
16. Jodie Foster
17. Kate Moening (Shaneeeeee from 'The L World')
18. Elizabeth Mitchell
19. Halle Berry
20. Simone Lahbib 
21. Emily Blunt
22. Evangeline Lilly
23. Erin Daniels
24. Michelle Rodriguez
25. Marishka Hargitay

complete list here: http://www.afterellen.com/people/2007/6/hotlist
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